Acquisition Help:
Frequently asked questions
  1. What are the recommended system requirements for Acquisition?

    Acquisition recommends Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard. Older versions are not supported.

  2. Acquisition won't connect to the network.

    You must download the current version of Acquisition. Older versions are not supported.

    Secondly, read this guide on opening ports if you have shielded internet access of any sort. Connection issues are generally a result of incorrectly configured network settings or a corrupted OS installation. Contact your ISP for assistance.

    Trashing your ~/Library/Application Support/Acquisition/ file may (or may not) have a positive effect.

  3. Acquisition stalls when quitting. / Acquisition will not download files.

    When this happens, in the Terminal, type "kill -QUIT pid" where pid is the process ID of the Java subprocess (process IDs can be found using Activity Monitor). Send the resulting Console log to the developer for diagnosis.

  4. Acquisition is connected but does not locate any files.

    Enabling filtering preferences will, naturally, reduce the number of results you see. This includes the spam/junk filter, which, if trained improperly, will falsely reject valid files. Turn off your junk filter, clear the junk history, and turn off any other filtering preferences.

  5. I think I've found a bug. How do I report it?

    First of all, be certain you are using the latest release of Acquisition and meet the recommended system requirements (above). If you want to be as helpful as possible, please send as much information about the bug and the circumstances in which it arose as you can to the developer at

    If you are reporting a crash, please include the crash log. If you are reporting any bug, please include the Console log (found by launching the /Applications/Utilities/Console application). Bug reports lacking this important information are not of much use and will generally be disregarded.

  6. I am connected to the internet through a router or an AirPort base station. Do I need to configure it to get the best results?

    If you are located behind a router or firewall, it is important that you open Acquisition's ports. In transferring a file, the recipient may contact the source or vice versa. If you have not opened your ports, it is much harder to contact your computer to start the transfer. Please read this guide for instructions on how to configure your router.

  7. Is Acquisition 2 a major upgrade?

    Yes, Acquisition 2 is considered a major upgrade. Users who were registered during specific times in the distant past have been given activation codes for the new version, as was promised. Likewise, anyone who purchased the "lifetime upgrades option" has also received a new activation code. Naturally, users who declined to purchase the "lifetime upgrades option" will be unable to use their license for Acquisition 2.

    Licenses for previous versions will continue to work with those versions.